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daMan | chi siamo

daMan is the brainchild of people who has always been firm to open a space family, typically Italian, letting the customers able to appreciate the crucial aspects such as tranquility, comfort and privacy. 


The territory, yet to be fully exploited, eases the task of anyone who wants to explore or do business. It's up to us then draw the best and offer it to our customers in a different way from that which has always been our daily life consisting of work and frenzy, ignoring the extreme beauty of our landscape. 


For this reason, the project was born in daMan, a deliberately elegant solution that can be tailored on different kind of customers.

Our values

daMan | Semplicity & Genuineness


The project daMan is based on the pursuit of simplicity, necessary value to let the customer feel the savor of what we offer. 

This thought can be found in many aspects, such as the choice of ingredients and nutrients km0 offered with breakfast included in the price per night; or in the choice of primary materials such as stone, wood, glass and iron for the restructuring, carried out according to the most modern style in the field of architecture.

daMan | Confidentiality & Relax


daMan has the main objective to offer its customers a stay that preserves the natural and necessary moments of relaxation while remaining geographically close to the frenetic italian life in continuous development and particularly stressing.

daMan | Elegance & Design


Whether in furniture solutions that the service is known, and has emphasized the pursuit of harmonious elegance. 

Certification of the quality of the basis is given by the choice of solutions and clean source of Made in Italy. 

The study design reflects the traditional standard of Italian culture, and successfully integrating ancient and modern. 

All this, combined with the choice of colors specifically designed, offers the customer a warm and clean and not overwhelming to the eye. 

In each room there are several paintings chosen personally by the property and specifically designed and personally with various international artists.

daMan | Comfort


The geographical position of daMan, allows it to be an optimum solution both for those who want to visit the our country as a tourist, and for those looking for a comfortable and smart during a business trip. 

Located 10 'from the lake, 30' from the nearest ski resort Alpina, 30 'from the city of Milan is famous for fashion, Finance and art, immersed in the green and industrially advanced Brianza, is a valid solution for every kind of customer.

daMan | environmentally sustanable tourism

The project was designed deliberately trying to preserve and enhance the old parts of the building also implementing all solutions with the newly developed, aimed at making daMan as much as possible at the forefront of environmental sustainability. 

daMan is equipped with a system of heating and cooling panels present below the floor. The system function due to a recovery of groundwater specifically studied and realized, and that those which could be drastically decreases CO2 emissions of any other cooling system.

daMan | Technology


daMan offers its clients advanced services such as free high-speed WiFi completely free. Each room is equipped with a LED TV 32 "with better class of savings. 

The appliances in use are the latest solutions in the field of design and technology.

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