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Lago di Como | nature and landscapes


In 2014 the Lake Como has been ranked as the most beautiful lake in the world from the online newspaper "The Huffington Post" for its microclimate and its environment dotted with villas and villages. It is the deepest lake in Italy and 5th in Europe. 

Starting from Como and going long the western shore (the most popular), there is Cernobbio, home to monumental villas such as Villa d'Este, Villa Erba and Villa Pizzo (the latter built in the sixteenth century). A Moltrasio stayed the musician Vincenzo Bellini and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. After Laglio - the country known for the residence of actor George Clooney, Brienno is one of the oldest villages, remained virtually unchanged for over a century, but damaged by a landslide in 2011. 

Very characteristic and well known are also the villages of Varenna and Bellagio from time classic destination for tourists from all over the world.


Alpi e Valli | nature, landscapes and fun


The mountains of Valtellina offer many opportunities for both hikers for climbers, traditional climbers and free. In the valley there are many famous ski resorts such as Aprica, Bormio, Caspoggio and Chiesa in Valmalenco. 

Finally, a resort town and ski resort Livigno which is strictly in terms of geography, is located outside of the Valtellina, being beyond the ridge of the Alps, but that is an integral part of the Province of Sondrio. Other ski resorts of smaller, easily accessible from Morbegno and Sondrio, as Pescegallo and Prato Valentino, permit the use of the offer in a more intimate and familiar. 

In this valley there are also several hot springs, one of the Bagni di Masino and one with seven springs at Bagni di Bormio. In these places, there are four spas, one in the first and three in the second. 

The Valtellina is served to the north by the Rhaetian Railways with the picturesque Bernina railway that leads homonymous pass through the Val Poschiavo.

In a southerly direction can be reached by Trenord, with a line joining Sondrio, Chiavenna and Tirano to Milan and Lecco. 

The Valtellina welcomes the Lombard area of the Stelvio National Park (from Cancano Lakes to the entire Valfurva) and the Regional Park of the Bergamo Alps.

The Valtellina, together with the territories of Monferrato, Langhe and Roero has been officially nominated to be included in the list of UNESCO World dell'umanitàdell'UNESCO, [5], but unlike the aforementioned wine regions of Piedmont at the end was not included.

Milano | Business, Fashion and culture


In the cultural sphere, Milan is the best center in the nineteenth century Italian publishing, and book publishing is linked to information, and is at the top of the world music circuit thanks allastagione opera at the Teatro alla Scala and his long operatic tradition. 

Became "Italian economic capital" during the industrial revolution involving Europe in the second half of the nineteenth century, Turin and Genoa constituting the "Industrial Triangle". From this period onwards, and especially since the war, underwent a strong process of urbanization linked to industrial expansion that also involved the neighboring cities, and was the main goal during the internal emigration. 

In the last century, the city has stabilized its economic and productive role, becoming the largest market finanziarioitaliano; is also one of the world capitals of fashion and industrial design and one of the most important Italian universities [8] [9] [10] [11]. According to "Top 20 global destination" (mastercard) turns out to be in 2013 the Italian city with the largest number of tourists, and the twelfth in the world.

At the gates of Milan hosts one of the poles of the Milan Fair, the largest exhibition center in Europe [12] [13] [14]. For these reasons, wins the title of City overall, finishing as the only Italian city on the list of Alpha World City. [15] 

Milan is often cited by the media for its lively nightlife, so call her at the beginning of the eighties Milan to drink. 

The city is full of worldly events that so frequently are intertwined in international events that affect laModa and Design. In Milan they were born and have been imported from foreign countries, many rituals typical of leisure, who have made the nightlife in Milan one of the most widely known and emulated in Italy and beyond. 

During the 2015 Milan will be center of the world as it will host the World Expo will be attended by tourists and organizers from all over the world, for more info



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